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Francis Adefi

Francis A. Adefi, president of Yorubas of Atlanta, hailed from ILORA, an agrarian suburban town south of Oyo Town, Oyo state of Nigeria. I attended the First Baptist Day School, Modern School and Ilora Baptist Grammar School in the same town for a period of thirteen years. After graduating from High school in December of 1967, I skipped town for Kaduna City, capital of Kaduna state in the northern of Nigeria.

In Kaduna, I got employed as a telegraphist-in- training by the traffic/commercial section of the ministry of posts and telecommunications [P & T]. My initial training and retraining for a period of 14 years were both at posts and telecommunications school, Oshodi, Lagos and Haven Computer School, London.

After 8 years in Kaduna, I transferred to Ibadan. In 1978, I got a promotion to a sales supervisor position. My office was one of the 12 state capitals in Nigeria responsible for the collection of all telephone numbers and business advertisements meant for yellow pages in Oyo state. All Nigerian telephone numbers and advertisements were periodically published in the Nigerian National Telephone Directory. The Directory was given free for business advertisers but sold to private individuals.

I left Nigeria for the United states of America in 1983 January to study business administration at western Illinois university, Macomb. After graduating from college, I moved to Atlanta Georgia to work for Allied security company from 1988 to 1994. Thereafter, I joined the Taxi-Cab industry of Atlanta where I operated my medallions until Covid-19 hit in March 2020 and dried up Cab business!

Organizations: Ilora Youth League 1968-1982, Sango Baptist church,Ibadan Nigeria,1977-1983, Nigerian Students Association 1983-1987,First Baptist Atlanta 1988to-date, Yorubas of Atlanta, 1998-date, Egbe Omo, Ilora Baptist Grammar school Old students Association of North America 2014- to-date. Francis A. Adefi,president, Yorubas of Atlanta 11/13/2020.

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