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Sulaimon Salam Bamidele
Social Publicity Secretary

Sulaimon Salam Bamidele is a professional Broadcast Journalist who owns and run ‘GREAT DREAMS RADIO’, a 24 hours online media platform. He loves and value every great opportunities to serving the community, impacting others positively within and outside his circle. He believes every human without exception deserves to be respected indiscriminately. Sulaimon Salam Bamidele is a strong and passionate promoter of the rich cultural heritage and values of Yoruba.

Sulaimon for more than a decade has consistently produced and still hosting a couple of broadcast contents on airwaves including “B’OSENLO & OMOLUABI RADIO SHOWS RESPECTIVELY” on other media and GREAT DREAMS RADIO.

Sulaimon promotes and advocates for unconditional inclusiveness within the circle of persons with and without disabilities.

He says and believes; “The world becomes a better place for everyone to live happily and peacefully if one could love and stand for others, and others will rise collectively in selfless interest of one in an attempt to fight and defeat all forms of injustice and baseless hatred unnecessarily ruining the world”. His skills, hobbies and talents includes Social Networking/Interactions, Yoruba Poetry [Ewi] Rendition, Public Speaking Engagements, Writing, Creating Broadcast Contents, Teaching/Training, Hosting Radio Shows & Public/Social Events. Sulaimon Salam Bamidele in 2015 wrote a motivational book titled [TOWARDS A GLORIOUS YOU].

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