The most  visible accomplishments of the Yorubas of Atlanta are the purchase of  the Yoruba House and the Scholarship Award Program. The Organization has  awarded several scholarships to individuals and groups, both in Nigeria  and United States of America.

It  is our hope and desire that in the years to come, with YOUR support,  the Yorubas of Atlanta will be able to accomplish many more great things  in the service of our people and the community, namely:

* A library of literature about the Yoruba culture, language and the Yoruba people.

* A museum of Yoruba Arts and Culture.

* A theatre where Yoruba Culture is communicated through theatrical dances, plays and performances. 

* A facility for multiple cultural functions and African traditional ceremonies, such as weddings, birthday, etc.

* A conference room where club meetins and activities will be conducted.

* A tutorial center where the Yoruba language and culture will be taught.

​* A recreation center.