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Mrs. Falade

I am Mrs. Deborah Falade married to Rev. Dr. I. O. Falade. I had a B.A. Sociology at Dominican University, San Rafael, California. And a Masters in Public Health Admin. At California State University, Hayward, CA. Went back to Nigeria in 1987.

I worked with Lagos State Government as Hospital Administrator for 20 years in various Hospitals before I decided to move back to U.S.A.

My Husband and I also started a church named Mt. Olivet Baptist church Torikoh Badagry, where I had the opportunity to Pastor for several years when my husband moved back to U.S.A.

I moved back to Chico, CA in March, 2007. We decided to be closer to our children. We then moved to Atlanta, GA in January 2014. We heard of Yoruba of Atlanta from a friend and we decided to join in 2015. My husband and I also decided to start another church here in 2015, named Mt. Sion International Baptist Church Lithonia GA\r\nI was elected the Secretary of Yoruba of Atlanta on 2/4/2017 up till date. Though my effort I brought many active members to the group.


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